Hole 7 — Nadine

Par 5 • 580/497 yards

This classic adaptation of C.B. MacDonald's “Bottle Hole” design is the longest par 5 on the golf course.  "Bottle Holes" feature dramatic hazards placed on a diagonal to the line of play, separating two fairways.  The "Bottle" comes into play on the second shot where the wider and more accessible fairway segment leaves a more treacherous approach.  However, the narrower fairway segment requires substantial risk due to the fact that the second shot must cross the diagonal hazard, but once there, offers a less hazardous approach shot.  The elevated green is tightly bunkered on the right.  Like other "Bottle Holes" in their purest form, this hole requires full carry into the green due to the slopping false front at the entry point to the putting surface. 

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